Root Canal Treatment

Few patients are ever excited to learn that a root canal is necessary. This standard dental procedure’s folklore and myth are full of horror stories fit for a movie screen. 

Yet like many scary movies, the stories behind root canals are fiction. Many Oklahoma City patients can turn a painful situation around by having a root canal when they need one. Proper treatment can relieve throbbing tooth pain. Root canals are a signal that you need professional dental care, and healing is the next step.

Have you ever had a cavity filled? Root canals feel similar.

Visiting your Oklahoma City community dental clinic, Ross Allen, DDS, is part of a healthy oral health plan. Our dental team is friendly and compassionate; we never judge patients who haven’t seen a dentist in a long time. We are here to help.

Dr. Ross Allen offers preventative and general dentistry to keep teeth infection-free. If a root canal is needed, we can care for patients in the safety of our welcoming dental office. On rare occasions, we may refer patients to a specialist endodontist for treatment. 

What Are Root Canals?

While we have all heard of root canals, not all of us know much more about the procedure until it introduces itself to them in the form of tooth pain. 

Cavities left untreated can create a small hole in the tooth's inner part that can allow bacteria through. There are many ways teeth can be infected, but inflammation in the nerve only has one treatment option.

At Ross Allen, DDS, we always fight to keep your natural existing teeth, if possible. In some instances, we must remove the tooth to stop infection or decay from spreading. Dental extractions are a last resort to keep your full smile. Root canals allow us to fight oral health issues before dental extraction might be necessary. 

When Do I Need a Root Canal?

Most dental issues are very quiet; many do not have symptoms until the problem is advanced. Infected teeth might begin with a small tooth pain, which quickly becomes unbearable. Other signs include:

  • Sudden tooth pain
  • Sudden discoloration of the tooth
  • Tooth sensitivity
  • Pain while eating
  • Swollen and bleeding gums
  • White gums

While you can tough out some health conditions, root canal infections should never be ignored. Symptoms will start small and start getting worse over time. Without treatment, a dental extraction may be necessary.

What Is the Root Canal Process?

During the root canal, Dr. Allen gets rid of any decayed or infected tissue within the tooth before sealing it to prevent further infection. Once the inflamed tissue is removed, the tooth pain should recede.

We start by numbing the area so that the patient feels minimal discomfort.

Once patients feel comfortable and numb, we will start removing the infected inner portion. As soon as we have removed the infection, we will medicate and seal the tooth.

We may recommend a dental crown to protect the tooth while eating and chewing. 

Is Your Tooth in Pain?

If you are experiencing tooth pain, don’t wait for it to get worse. Call us right away to manage your tooth pain and protect your dental health.