Dental Implants

At Ross Allen, DDS, we appreciate how embarrassing and frustrating missing one or multiple teeth can be. Our goal is to help patients fall back in love with their smiles, restore their bite function and ability to eat any food, allow them to speak confidently, and smile without distress or self-consciousness. 

Dental implants bring back lost teeth and make your smile look incredible. Our Oklahoma City, OK dental office is at the forefront of advanced dental technology and equipment so we can restore dental crowns, bridges, or dentures into beautiful, natural-looking restorations. 

A space in your smile impacts different functions—from nutrition to making a first impression. Your teeth are instrumental in eating, speaking, and keeping your smile attractive. Your teeth help anchor your jawbone. When even one is gone, your bone will start to recede and impact surrounding teeth.  

While we do not place dental implants, Dr. Ross Allen can help craft a beautiful replacement tooth. We treat the impact that missing teeth have on the smile that you love. 

What Are Dental Implants?

Unlike other dental restorations that can shift or fall out due to the receding jawline, dental implants fuse to your jaw bone in a reliable and effective dental surgical treatment. 

We love recommending dental implants as a permanent tooth replacement option. All other options sit over your gum line; only dental implants restore your missing tooth along with its root. By stimulating bone growth, patients don’t have to worry about receding bone that creates facial sagging.

Dental implants are thin biocompatible titanium posts that are suitable for your body. During the dental surgical process, the dental implant is rooted in the jawbone. After that,  the dental implant must heal for several months in order to fuse to the bone. Once the healing process is over, your new dental implant acts as a permanent base for a dental crown, a handcrafted restoration that looks like a natural tooth. 

A Few Benefits of Dental Implants

While dental implants have many positive benefits, a few common ones include:

  • Revived access to your favorite foods, including meats and vegetables
  • No more worries about your prosthetic shifting or falling out
  • Easy to clean and maintain
  • With proper care can last for many years
  • Renews your self-confidence and appearance
  • Improves your oral health

The Dental Implant Process

Even though it might feel like it, missing one or multiple missing teeth isn’t the end of the world. We can help bring back your smile. 

Call today to schedule an appointment with Dr. Allen. We will start by examining your teeth and monitoring your oral health. We strive to make our patients as relaxed and comfortable as possible by administering local anesthetics before we restore your dental implant.