Dental Crowns and Bridges

Despite being the hardest substance in the human body – even stronger than bone – the white enamel that covers your teeth is surprisingly susceptible to infection, decay, and damage. Enamel protects our teeth and allows us to chew, bite, and speak, but it can be damaged and compromise your tooth function and structure. 

While most of our tissues can heal and repair themselves, our enamel can’t. A broken or missing tooth can only be treated and restored by a skilled dentist using dental crowns, fillings, and bridges. 

Protecting your teeth is a vital part of preventive and comprehensive dentistry. Weakened or damaged teeth benefit from immediate treatment and restoration to keep your smile healthy and strong. 

Two of the most popular dental restorations we offer at Ross Allen, DDS include dental crowns and bridges. 

What Is a Dental Crown?

A dental crown is a natural-looking dental restoration that  “caps” your whole tooth, down to the gumline. Dental crowns completely cover a damaged tooth to restore its natural shape, size, and function and absorb the force from chewing.

Reasons we might recommend a dental crown include:

  • Protecting a cavity that is too large for a filling
  • Protecting a tooth that is cracked, chipped, decayed, broken, or otherwise weakened
  • Restoring a tooth whose enamel is severely worn down
  • Restoring a tooth after a root canal 
  • Covering a deeply stained or misshapen tooth and enhance your smile
  • Improving your smile
  • Supporting a dental bridge

Dental crowns are standard in restorative dentistry for restoring a tooth's size and shape, improving the tooth’s health and strength, and restoring your confidence and beautiful smile. 

The Dental Crown Process

Dental crowns are a virtually painless and reliable process. 

Dr. Ross Allen performs dental treatments with a gentle and compassionate approach. Patients who have dental anxiety may benefit from sedation dentistry like nitrous oxide to keep their entire dental visit pleasant and stress-free.

Dr. Allen starts by administering a local anesthetic to numb the area; patients may feel a slight pressure but no discomfort. Your Oklahoma City dentist will remove any infection, decay, or damaged tissue before sterilizing the area of bacteria. 

We then make a digital 3-D impression of your tooth to accurately and precisely fabricate a dental crown. We protect your tooth by placing a temporary dental crown while waiting for the permanent crown from our local lab. 

When the final restoration is ready, Dr. Allen will permanently adhere the dental crown to the tooth and adjust it as needed to ensure a comfortable and perfect fit. 

What Is a Dental Bridge?

Are you missing one or multiple teeth? If so, Dr. Ross Allen can “bridge” the gaps in your smile by using dental bridges. Dental bridges are a common dental procedure to restore missing teeth by using a pontic (false tooth) held in place by dental crowns on either side of the space. 

Reasons we might recommend a dental bridge include:

  • Restoring one or several missing teeth and oral health
  • Restoring your ability to eat and chew
  • Restoring your ability to speak clearly and concisely
  • Maintaining the contours and shape of your face
  • Realigning your bite to distribute force as you eat
  • Stopping neighboring teeth from shifting towards the gap
  • Improving your smile

Teeth that are missing and not restored can affect your appearance, often adding years and making you appear older.

Every tooth has an important role and function, which means losing one tooth can impact your oral health and remaining teeth. 

The Dental Bridge Process

The process for dental crowns and bridges is somewhat similar.

Dr. Allen begins the procedure by preparing the tooth to create a perfect fit without impacting neighboring teeth. Then your restorative dentist will clean the tooth and adhere a temporary dental crown to it. Bonding the permanent dental crown to your tooth is a pain-free process that keeps your mouth even, symmetrical, and beautiful. 

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